Gift Tea Packs

A vast variety of teas attractively presented in an array of packaging. These teas make the ideal gift and come ready-made in the following casings:

  • Porcelain Elephant Caddy
  • Metal Cans
  • Paper Composite Canisters
  • Ornamental Clay Tea pot
  • Porcelain Teapot
  • Flavoured Tea Terracotta Container
  • Flavoured Tea Wooden Container
  • Tropical Gift Tea Cartons
  • E-Flute Presentation Boxes
  • Wooden Presentation Boxes

Custom orders are also undertaken.

Lemon Tea 50 Tea BagsInquiry
Green Tea 50 Tea BagsInquiry
Earl Grey Tea 50 Tea BagsInquiry
Hexagon Tea Pack 15 x 6 (Flavors) Tea BagsInquiry